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Whether a full time resident or second homeowner, we've got you covered. We also offer extra services to upgrade your home network.

Internet Plans

All installations are $250 and nominally last 2 hours. They involve a receiver radio pointed towards the appropriate broadcast site within a few miles, after which a home router and internet connection is provisioned. Radio connections are verified prior to physical installation.
high-speed internet
$135/mo, 100 Mbps download and 15 Mbps upload
Base package of up to 100 mbps download and 15 mbps upload. Plan Includes:
  • high-speed internet to our nearest broadcast site
  • home router with dual-band WiFi
  • live and in-person support
  • compatibility with à la carte services
home office
$150/mo, 100 Mbps download and 15 Mbps upload
This package combines everything we have to offer - making sure you have the best setup for critical work-from-home requirements.
  • all features from high-speed internet plan
  • WiFi extenders as needed
  • network-attached data storage
  • phone line (you can keep your current number)
  • backup power supply for router and work computer
second home
$850 for any 180 calendar days per year
Full internet service when you need it; perfect for seasonal residents and weekenders.
  • connections for smart home devices are maintained year-round
  • no scheduling required, usage automatically tracked
  • monthly payments accepted with a year contract

À La Carte Services

All services below included for free with the home office plan. With a strong internet connection, these services also have do-it-yourself solutions, but we offer integration and support as a convenience. Standalone services do not require an internet service plan, but do require a full installation.
phone line
$10/mo with internet subscription
$35/mo standalone
Keep your current phone number, or add a new one with internet-based phone service. We prioritize voice traffic on our network to give you the best quality phone calls.
WiFi extenders
Extend router WiFi signal to multiple buildings on your property and large homes.
remote access
Access your home devices securely when away from home. Requires internet connection at remote site, e.g. a coffee shop or office computer.
networked storage
$50 initial integration
Back up and share data within your home's local network and devices. An alternative to 3rd party cloud solutions, the data is held by you alone. We are happy to assist with the initial setup across your devices.
power backup
$55 installation
Keep your WiFi connection and computer running during a power outage. Device is yours to keep. Click here for Amazon link to the device we use.
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Immediate Installation
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Local Service
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